Ozone Therapy

Intravenous Ozone Therapy in Havana, Cuba

Ozone therapy was nothing like I expected! When the 15 days of therapy were over, I was very surprised by the results. Through the ozone and electrostimulation therapies I gained back 4º of vision, bringing me to 9º. Nearly double what a saw before — and exactly what they promised I could get back. I only wish I’d found the clinic while my peripheral vision was better.

Never heard of medical ozone therapy? I hadn’t either! Check out this link for more information on some of its amazing uses.

In the video below, you’ll see part of my first day of therapy — my mom was so fascinated by the process that she recorded it on her iPhone.

This is the intravenous ozone method, and many of the patients in the clinic did ozone this way every day…

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After the first day of therapy, the ozone nurse, Yamile, was able to explain to my grandpa in Spanish that there was another way to do ozone therapy, and I decided to do it the other way because I didn’t like the massive needle she had to use — it’s similar to having plasma drawn. 

Even though the ozone therapy process wasn’t fun, the results were so worth it! In addition to getting back vision, we learned that Cuba uses ozone for other things, including as a natural antibiotic. I discovered the great part of that too, as I usually get strep throat in February, and that year, I didn’t get sick at all. The effects of the ozone stayed in my system for at least 3 months, and it was wonderful to feel so good!

We loved learning about ozone therapy and its many benefits so much that when we returned to the States, we invested in our own ozone machine so I could continue to reap the benefits without needing to return to Cuba.

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